what buried subconscious beliefs are fighting against you?


Feel like you've tried so hard, but something inside just keeps fighting you? 

You're not alone. Many clients had the same frustrations, but they found that Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Therapy(r) helped them find subconscious beliefs they were not even aware of and then release them for good. They had beliefs that desired the weight and sabotaged them any time they lost. Most of these unconscious beliefs were created in childhood such as: 

  • They were threatened or abused and now had a subconscious need to be big for protection.

  • They were punished or made to feel guilty for not eating so they subconsciously ate to please others. 

  • There just wasn't enough food as a child, and they had a subconscious fear to eat now or it may be gone. 

These are just a few examples and there are many more subconscious eating beliefs out there.  You might even know what your own beliefs might be or why you'd have them, and you mind decide, well I'm just not going to believe that any more, I can choose for myself. Unfortunately, since your conscious (logical) mind is a mere 5% of your brain, it is no match for the incredibly powerful 95% of the subconscious (emotional) mind that's running most of the show. It's right now controlling how you're sitting or standing,  if your arms are crossed and which way, if you're body is sweating or has goose bumps, and oh ya, how your breathing. It triggers your food cravings and more and it's not going to change just because you say so. It's way too powerful for that but with RTT you can break free!

RTT hypnotherapy is specifically designed to help you bring to light the unconscious beliefs that are working against you right now and clear that baggage in the subconscious state, where it really counts! Then you won't  be working hard to lose weight while unconsciously trying to hold onto the weight at the same time. 


Understanding during hypnosis can make powerful significant change.* 

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Though RTT can give amazing results in just one session most weight issues have multiple aspects to resolve which may require more.

* there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

Change the subconscious believe and the behavior will take care of itself!

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