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*there is no guarantee of specific results and  results can vary.

I highly recommend working with Sharon at Change Course! I’m happy to report five months later that I’m very pleased with my results! The best thing is that unlike any other diets or methods I’ve tried, this isn’t about having to constantly fight the urge to eat those troublesome foods, I simply have no interest! I’m far more conscious about the quantity of food I eat, as well as if I’m really hungry or not.


Natick, MA

Sharon is a talented RTT practitioner with a soft voice and gentle spirit. She is incredibly adept at this specialized hypnotherapy practice and was the conduit and guide that served to help me access and release deeply unhealed emotional traumas. It was a perfectly timed session that brought about a great catharsis and uncleared blocks in my emotional and physical bodies. I would recommend this process and Sharon to anyone who is seeking deeper healing along their journey. Thank you, Sharon for being a beautiful lightworker!



Sharon took the time to find out about my condition and worked a program to suit my individual needs.


Lowell, MA

I went to Sharon for chronic fatigue issues. I'd tried diet and medicines and nothing had helped. I couldn't imagine my life going forward with no energy to do anything. The RTT session with Sharon was very supportive and illuminating. I have listened faithfully to the recording for, now, 26 days, and I will continue. I have not had any issues with fatigue from DAY ONE. It was amazing! My life has completely turned around. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone! Do not hesitate. This is such a simple yet completely effective therapy.ention...



Thank you Sharon for the great session. I felt a transformation happened within by the end of our session. It was a very power work. Thank you again!.


Boston, MA

This RTT experience was an incredible shift for me. Sharon provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to explore past experiences that have been holding me back. Since my session a few months ago, my perspective has shifted and I find I am able to keep on target with my wellness goals. My tendency to self-sabotage has significantly reduced with a single session with Sharon. I highly recommend her


Hudson, MA

Sharon is an extremely welcoming person. I came to her for help with my anxiety and she did a lot to find the core of my fears and to overcome some traumautic experiences. I definitly left feeling happier and with a better outlook of myself.


Methuen, MA

​I felt very comfortable being very open with Sharon. She has a very comforting, gentle approach while being very professional and giving the client the confidence that she knows what she is doing.


Watertown, MA

Sharon was very sweet and very professional. She was very patient and understanding as I was running late for my appointment. She has a very gentle, soothing way about her. I enjoyed my session very much. 


Hopedale, MA

I saw Sharon last night and I have to say, that was a amazing purging experience. She dug deep into fears I had as a child and released me from them. I felt lighter, I slept better and I feel better equipped to deal with patterns in my life as a adult. I feel more comfortable and safe.


Woburn, MA

Sharon was kind, compassionate, considerate, and prepared to help me. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Rutland, MA

I went to Sharon to help me get over my fear of heights. There are so many fun things I would like to do that require me to take my feet off the ground. Sharon had such a firm command of the RTT process that I was entirely relaxed. She not only uncovered massive blocks that I did not know that I had but completely reprogrammed me. As I start to live my life to the fullest, I could not be any happier with the results! 


Minneapolis, Minnesota

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