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I had my RRT session with Sharon almost 2 weeks ago. I went in with the intention of healing my relationship with men so that when I thought about them I wouldn't have such negative, pessimistic thoughts. In the session I could literally feel my thoughts and attitude changing towards them! Still two weeks later, I feel like energy is flowing between the men and I, where as, before when I thought about men I just felt this energetic wall. The aversion I felt towards men quickly changed within and right after my session with Sharon. Now I feel kindness, love and respect for them which is something I didn't think could happen, let alone in one session with Sharon.  Thank you, thank you, thank you



I did RRT WITH Sharon and I was a little skeptical that it would work. She asked me questions about what I wanted to change and why and then she just did an association talk track so I assocTed certain feelings with either positive or negative images. 11 days later I haven’t gone back to my negative behaviors. I was never hypnotized. Really amazing and Sharon makes you feel very comfortable. Highly recommend for overcoming whatever is holding you back.


Norfolk, Ma

 ive been indescribably better since our session. I feel like my anxiety isn’t in my body, or heart anymore. I don’t feel debilitating pressure from doing normal tasks anymore. I can drive without being so anxious /worried about it. I feel better about my natural looks and not caring so much. I can speak out loud without feeling like everyone’s judging me because In all reality, I don’t care and don't have social anxiety anymore ..it means a lot. I have more confidence, and energy.. and I feel so much different to have ambition to do things. You somehow connected to my conscious or unconscious part of me and erased that anxiety out of me. It’s so weird in a good way. I wish everyone can experience talking to you for at least one topic.



I had a session with Sharon last week and I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about this hypnosis thing…and I’ve done tons of alternative healing modalities and bodywork. I think I was afraid I wouldn’t be in control when I was in a hypnotic state and nothing could be further from the truth. First off, being in hypnosis felt like a deep state of meditation. My body was more relaxed than its ever been. I was fully aware and conscious at all times and could think thoughts just like you reading this now, and I could respond to Sharon’s questions like I was in a normal conversation, albeit a little slower speech, and I remembered everything about the session. As for Sharon, she was very disarming and easy to talk to about my issue. She did a great job of guiding me into a deep state of hypnosis.{...}I think hypnosis is a valuable modality and Sharon is a good Rapid Transformational Therapist.


West Newton, MA

My experience with Sharon doing an RTT session was a phenomenal one. She is truly a great hypnotherapist who is so patient, kind, understanding and great at digging for the root causes to issues. I worked on the issue of weight and self worth and we found that it was tied to my family and having a fear of being rejected and not fitting it. Sharon navigated me through different childhood scenes so that I could heal my emotions and reprogram the subconscious loop that I was running off of (which I did not know about). I couldn't recommend Sharon enough. If at all possible jump on a call with Sharon to just discover her personality and talk about RTT. She is such an easy person to communicate with and is so talented.



I had an excellent experience with Sharon. She is patient, explains everything well, and I have had good results.


Hingham, MA

I highly recommend working with Sharon at Change Course! I’m happy to report five months later that I’m very pleased with my results! The best thing is that unlike any other diets or methods I’ve tried, this isn’t about having to constantly fight the urge to eat those troublesome foods, I simply have no interest! I’m far more conscious about the quantity of food I eat, as well as if I’m really hungry or not.


Natick, MA

Sharon is a talented RTT practitioner with a soft voice and gentle spirit. She is incredibly adept at this specialized hypnotherapy practice and was the conduit and guide that served to help me access and release deeply unhealed emotional traumas. It was a perfectly timed session that brought about a great catharsis and uncleared blocks in my emotional and physical bodies. I would recommend this process and Sharon to anyone who is seeking deeper healing along their journey. Thank you, Sharon for being a beautiful lightworker!



Sharon took the time to find out about my condition and worked a program to suit my individual needs.


Lowell, MA

I went to Sharon for chronic fatigue issues. I'd tried diet and medicines and nothing had helped. I couldn't imagine my life going forward with no energy to do anything. The RTT session with Sharon was very supportive and illuminating. I have listened faithfully to the recording for, now, 26 days, and I will continue. I have not had any issues with fatigue from DAY ONE. It was amazing! My life has completely turned around. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone! Do not hesitate. This is such a simple yet completely effective therapy.ention...



Thank you Sharon for the great session. I felt a transformation happened within by the end of our session. It was a very power work. Thank you again!.


Boston, MA

This RTT experience was an incredible shift for me. Sharon provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to explore past experiences that have been holding me back. Since my session a few months ago, my perspective has shifted and I find I am able to keep on target with my wellness goals. My tendency to self-sabotage has significantly reduced with a single session with Sharon. I highly recommend her


Hudson, MA

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