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Try to change behavior using logic and willpower but that will never overpower a strong contradictory believe in the subconscious.
Change the subconscious believe and the behavior will take care of itself!
Marisa Peer 
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 RTT session information

Rapid Transformational Therapy was developed by Marisa Peer from the UK. Her wonderful technique includes many incredible tools and has received many awards for it's innovative approach.

Your RTT hypnosis session will take about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs (please allot 2 just in case) including enough time to discuss things before and after your session. While in hypnosis you will be in a very relaxed state, but aware of yourself, much like meditation. I will be talking you through a series of RTT techniques that will guide your subconscious to go back in time to the root of your problem and then help you to resolution. If any event is too personal to share, you don't have to, I will give you time to process that on your own.


Often only one session is needed* and a personalized 15-20 minute personal hypnosis recording will be made for you during your session to reinforce the change. The brain takes about 10 to 21 days to make change so we recommend 

listening daily for 21 days (you just need a quiet place to sit or lay for 20 min, AM or PM). Together, the session and recording can help you make permanent, lasting change.  This change can often be immediate, but it's usually more

gradual and after a few weeks you may realize how much you've changed as old triggers and habits have faded away.**



Stevie Gold Winner - American Business A

marisa's Peer's incredible RTT hypnosis technique won the Stevie american and international business awards in


Stevie Gold Winner - International Busin

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* RTT works best when it is focused on a specific issue, and usually only one session is needed. Many issues have multiple aspects, for example if you have Fear, that may include a fear of dogs and a fear of enclosed spaces, the causes would most likely bring up very different events for release so to be really effective each would need it's own session. 

** there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

There's an enormous part of your mind which holds the entire record of your life. 

It runs your heart , your cells, your healing, your reactions, your emotions. Your subconscious mind knows why you have this issue and using RTTs unique hypnosis tools we use regression to guide you back and show us why, where and when your problem was created. 
During hypnosis your critical, judging, conscious mind is relaxed  which allows your subconscious mind to be open to view things
 differently. Many issues are driven by childhood beliefs connected to long ago events and when we can review those events with our adult mind today, we can change our beliefs about them and often the behavior automatically changes.
Easily, Effortlessly and Effectively.
It can often give you a wonderful freedom from the past.
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