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Smoking Cessation 

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to quit smoking again and again?

I know that struggle, I was embarrassed to even tell anyone I'd 'quit'.. AGAIN!


Rapid Transformational Therapy(r) developed by Marisa Peer has incredible methods that could help you quit now and stay quit. 

RTT can also help you resolve any underlying reasons that keep tempting you to smoke again so you can quit for good! *

* there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.


There are somewhat easier times to quit than others. A great time is when you have something new in your life. When you move, start school, get a new car, new job or something like that where you haven't made any smoking connections with the new car or location so there are fewer smoking reminders. 


When someone first quits the cravings are at their strongest and longest, but even so, each usually only last less than 90 seconds, so if you can do something to delay yourself and get past it for just 90 seconds, then you can pat yourself on the back! 


Each day your cravings will get shorter, and there will be fewer and fewer of them so just focus on getting through them one at a time as each gets  easier and easier. Hypnosis can really help you through those first initial days, often with NO cravings, but should you have any, try Deep Breathing and Tapping (EFT) both work really well and I can show you these and a few others with along with giving you a hypnosis anchor to get you through them. 


On the day of the session with me, you should dispose of your cigarettes and don't smoke for at least 6 hours before your session, be determined!

Want to Quit?

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