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Live life following your guidance daily

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Your excitement is guiding you to all you want, it knows the path, and excitement is your signal.

So many struggle with direction. what to do next, what's right, what wrong, So many paths, what to do.

“If you can't stop yourself, as if you were a dog whose tail was about to wag right off, that's the direction you need to take and it's also a signal that you are ready for it.”

You have an inner wisdom inside, an inner guide that's helping you, directing you and when you head toward that direction, it gets excited and you feel that.

Follow Your Passion

Your subconscious always want to please you and if you have great self talk and you've been focusing on what you want and NOT on what you don't want, it has no trouble discerning that. But if your constantly ridiculing yourself, telling yourself that your worthless or no good your subconscious will get confused about what you really want. So if you find yourself saying 'I'm terrible at ... I'll never get better', you'll need to replace that with 'I'm pretty good at... and I'm always getting better'. You're inner guidance will then be clear you actually want to get better at it and not confirming that you can't get better at it. You CAN change you life, and it isn't as hard as you may think!

The power to change is within you, it always has been! Sharon

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