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NOte! closed Feb 1-feb 10 

replies will be on feb 10.

"Understanding the cause of your issue is the key to fixing it and understanding in hypnosis is the Most Powerful key there is." 

                                                                                                 Marisa Peer

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'The Power to change . . . 

                  it's been in you all along'

While an 'in-person' session is preferred by many, online ZOOM sessions are also available and work just as well! 

NOte! closed Feb 1-feb 10 

replies will be on feb 10.

The mind knows the why issue is there and with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) we ask your subconscious mind to show us why, where and when the problem was created.  During hypnosis our critical, judging conscious mind is relaxed which allows us to view things very differently. Many issues are driven by childhood beliefs connected to long ago events. When we can review those events with our adult mind today, we can change our beliefs, then behavior automatically changes. Easily, effortlessly and effectively. It can often give you a wonderful freedom from the past.

Smoking, you know it's rough on your health, but it feels so relaxing...or does it?

Chemically, nicotine is a stimulant, it causes your heart to beat faster, it triggers a stress response

Then why does my brain tell me it relaxes me when it actually stresses me?

2 reasons

1. Lets say you're working hard on something. You want to take a break. 'I need a cigarette' is the perfect excuse. Your brain loves the break, your body needed the break. So taking a relaxing break and having a cigarette are now linked

(think of Pavlov's dog experiments, ring a bell & feed the dog, soon the dog drools when he hears the bell, they are linked)

2. When you smoke, you breathe deeply. A deep breath mechanically rubs on the vagus nerve at the spine which turns off the 'Fight or Flight' and turns on the 'Rest and Relaxation'. You've fooled yourself that a cigarette and stiff cup of coffee is what relaxes you when it's Not!

(and that's a GREAT reason to keep breathing deep and low frequently after you've quit, [like you're taking a drag], it's the ONLY part of smoking that your body really liked!)

​How come I bump into some people who quit 20 years ago and they STILL want a cigarette, Is there really any hope?

1 reason

They never actually CHOSE to quit smoking. They said 'I really want a cigarette, but I can't have one', 'I'd love a cigarette but I shouldn't have one.'  This approach just makes you want it even more because you are denying a desire. Then you only have your willpower to keep you from it and willpower is very weak and gets weaker throughout the day.


Instead say‚‘I CHOOSE to be free from cigarettes‘ 'I don't want one, I want ...' (to be smoke free, healthy lungs, etc).

You then take back your power and control. You will be putting desire on your side and success will be so much easier!

(Some smokers do manage to quit with the ’I'd love a cigarette, but I can’t‘ method but they never quite get over the thoughts of having a cigarette. Years later they've still got this “I must not have a cigarette” jingle going on in their brain.)

So Choose! I WANT this and I DON'T WANT that!

Let Change Course Hypnotherapy guide you to Success! 

* there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

Change Course

Specializing in Marisa Peers:
Certified Hypnotherapist &
Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)
Functional Medicine Cert. Health Coach
Sharon L Smith
Sharon L Smith
Smiling Woman
Happy Woman

when you have clear, present thoughts 

your mind will expertly guide you,

through the toughest terrain.

weight loss

Certified in weight loss Hypnosis with susie kappas

get that helping

hand you've

been seeking

but all too often we are tossed in many directions by hidden beliefs.

causing stress. worry.

Doubt. fear. Guilt.



 change course.

break free from the past,

Do what you truly want 

and realize how your

life is meant to be... 


Happy Girl

you could just stay in your comfort zone where you are.

Now, if you were to sort out those conflicting beliefs 

could it actually change the course of your

entire life?

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