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old beliefs or stubborn habits are countering your efforts?

For reducing weight choose from
Marisa Peers:

Rapid Transformational Therapy
(RTT is a Personalized & Private session)
Be part of a Friendly Supportive Group
with Marisa's
Rapid transformational therapy
(Private 1 to 3 Sessions)

Feel like you've tried so hard, but something inside just keeps fighting you? 

You're not alone. Many of my clients had the same frustrations, but they found that Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Therapy(r) helped them find hidden subconscious beliefs they were not even aware of and release them for good. Most unconscious beliefs about food and weight are created in childhood such as: 

  • 'I need to be BIG', to protect against threats or abuse.  

  • 'Eating pleases others, Gramma is SO happy when I eat'.

  • 'I'm bad if I don't eat' because they were punished or made to feel guilty for not eating or not finishing.

  • There just wasn't enough food as a child so 'When ever there's food I'd better eat it'.

These are just a few examples, there are many more hidden eating beliefs out there.  Believe it or not, your amazing subconscious always has your back and it is doing it's best to help and protect you.  It's just that it may have decided this was a good way to protect you when you were only 3 years old, and those methods that made sense to a 3 year old are still running in the background today.  You can break free of that with RTT!

For those who have more substantial weight issues RTT can be done targeting different aspects of the weight causes.


For some, a Hypnotic Gastric Band can be performed. HGB is 'fake surgery' which convinces the subconscious that the real surgery was performed, (but you will know it it really wasn't!). Results can be very similar to the real thing. It is only done after 2 RTT sessions.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can give amazing results for many clients! *


12 week group dietless life Sessions

Do you enjoy the support of working with others and like having regular guidance to keep you on track?

Marisa's 12 week Dietless Life Program might be perfect for you!

Marisa worked in the diet industry for many years, even on a TV show. She found dieting was mainly based on abuse, shaming, and makes people hate their bodies. You know, the way commercials sell food is to get you thinking about food all the time! And what do diets do? They make you think about food all the time! What CAN I have? What CAN'T I have? How many calories or carbs are in this? How many in that? How many have I had already? FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! It's impossible to be on a diet and just forget about food, and when food's on your mind, your subconscious starts your saliva glands and triggers you to eat. No wonder diets have a 98% failure rate, that's massive! Almost no one can stay on a diet longer than 6 weeks and since diets lower your metabolic rate, 70% of people end up heavier than before, which make you feel even more like a failure. It's not your fault.


Marisa realized that the only way to have a body you love is to Love your body. When you love your body, it changes everything.  Each week first we'll cover a new lesson, an new aspect of what's been holding you back, then we'll have a group hypnosis and you'll get a 15 to 20 minute hypnosis recording to listen to at home the rest of the week. Listening to the recording daily will offer your subconscious mind a new way of thinking it absorbing a little more each day.

So if you think, 'Well, I've tried everything and nothing works.' Well, maybe you've tried 1 thing over and over, dieting, and that doesn't work.  Hypnosis can push up your resting metabolic rate, it can change your relationship with food and with your body. It can motivate you, compel you, program you, to prefer healthy food. It can help you make new neural pathways, it can make you feel full and satisfied quickly, it can make you feel good, and it can help you drop weight.  No logging food, no counting, you don't even have to get weighed, we ask you spend a few minutes per day to help understand your habits and thinking patterns.

Lessons run weekly for 6 weeks (Spring 6 Odd numbered lessons/Fall 6 even ones) Start in either Spring or Fall!

* there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

Change the subconscious believe and the behavior will take care of itself!

Marisa Peer

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