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Health and wellness

health and wellness

“The sorrow which has no vent in tears may cause other organs to weep"

19th century Henry Maudslay

Did you Know? The Subconscious mind holds emotions from our present and our past. If many times, especially in childhood, we were unable to express our true feelings because of threats, fears or just feeling it's useless, no one would listen, we may hold in the anger, the hurt, we bite our tongue. Those pent up feelings don't just magically disappear. They do get expressed, they get heard, but in other ways. Skin issues, stomach issues,  pain, illness can all be ways the subconscious is talking, expressing.


When we're children, our minds are always in a state of hypnosis, gradually becoming fully conscious around the age of 12. This is why children are so suggestible, the things they're told are easily accepted as truth without much resistance. Parents don't realize this and often give the subconscious mind commands, 'Your dad is blind as a bat and you will be too', 'Look at your flaky skin, you'll always have skin issues' Or maybe you were the one to decide that. Like a stage hypnotist, commanding 'You're a chicken!' the subconscious can accepts it as a truth. For most of us, our parents, teachers, siblings all unwittingly gave us commands, many of which we still carry today. 

As adults, we still go in and out of a trance state.  You can be watching TV, drifting off, a commercial comes on and tells you 'The shingles virus is already IN YOU', 'The OLDER you get the WEAKER your immune system gets'. You can reject it, but many don't and it gets accepted into the subconscious. Then, when you think I'm 'OLDER' the subconscious does as it was told and weakens your immune system for you. 


The MindBody has incredible abilities, it wants to protect you, works to give you what you want and it uses these inner truths as a guide.  You get a cut, it closes and heals. You get embarrassed, it flushes your face. You feel hot, your sweat glands turn on and evaporation cools you. You see danger, your heart races, adrenaline surges to your muscles for escape. You want to avoid something, you get sick. If you can't get sick due to a deadline, it keeps you going. 

Your subconscious is AMAZING and with Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Therapy(r) it can be re-instructed to improve your mind/body in many ways. Old buried beliefs can be rewired and  you can break free from them, often in just one session.

Understanding during hypnosis can make powerful significant change.* 

Call now for a free 15 minute consultation.

* there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

To use all your tools for optimal health 

engage your subconscious mind 

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